Here at DC Employment Solicitors, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent, honest and open when discussing our fees.  Each of our solicitors is allocated a basic hourly charging rate.  We can also offer fixed fee arrangements in appropriate circumstances.  In addition, we have developed a unique plan for employers that we call ‘shared risk’.

Hourly Rates

Broadly, our professional charges (excluding disbursements) are calculated by reference to the amount of time spent on your case.  Our hourly rates for employment law are dependent on the level of legal advice and service you require.  All our solicitor fees listed exclude VAT and are highly competitive.  The fees are subject to change but you will be notified in advance.

Fixed Fee

For certain matters, especially non-contentious ones, we can work with you to arrange a fixed fee.  We will endeavour to do this wherever possible, to give you certainty as to the fees involved.

Shared Risk (Risk Alignment)

We have developed what we call our ‘risk alignment’ (or shared risk) approach to charging that we make available to commercial clients and organisations such as local authorities.

We believe this to be unique insofar as employment matters are concerned.  Where we can agree on what a satisfactory outcome of a matter is likely to be (e.g. in its most simple form – where we agree that a tribunal award or settlement of £2000 or less would be a satisfactory outcome) we will be prepared to carry out the work at a discounted rate, on the basis that should we achieve the desired outcome our charge out rates will be increased by an agreed percentage.

For more information regarding this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


You will be incurring charges as soon as we start work for you.  We will usually send bills to you at monthly intervals for work carried out to date, or sooner where the value of work amounts to £500 or more.  We require payment within 14 days.

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