Mental Ill-Health

Are you struggling with mental ill-health?  Has your mental ill-health resulted in you being off work on long-term sick leave, caused you to clash with others in the workplace or affected your ability to concentrate and meet targets?

You are not alone: a recent report from the OECD suggests that 1 in 5 workers will suffer with mental ill-health, which is responsible for nearly ½ of long-term sickness absences.

How Can We Help?

Mental Health at Work Mental ill-health can have a serious impact on your ability to work, which in turn may have serious financial consequences for you.

If you feel like your employer is ignoring the concerns you have raised at work about your mental illness, or if you are suffering discriminatory treatment as a result of your colleagues’ lack of understanding about your illness, then we can help.

We Can Work With Your Employer

We can assist you in working with your employer to suggest strategies and resources which will enable you and other employees who suffer from mental ill-health to remain in the workplace;

We Can Provide You With Access To Professional Help

Members of our team specialise in workplace counselling, consultant occupational health assessment and support, consultant psychiatric support and workplace mediation.  We can provide you with access to professional help to assist you to get back to work and/or equip you with the most appropriate tools to help you feel comfortable in the workplace, reach the required level of performance for your role and cope in situations of conflict/ personality clash.

Road To Recovery - Mental Health

We Can Provide You With Legal Advice

You may have a claim for disability discrimination against your employer if you have:

  • Suffered less favourable treatment by your employer because of your mental ill-health (for example, you were not allowed to apply for a promotion because of your illness);
  • Been disadvantaged under your employer’s policies or procedures because of your mental ill-health problems (for example, you were dismissed because of your poor attendance record caused by absence related to your mental ill-health);
  • Been disadvantaged because of your employer’s failure to make reasonable adjustments to assist you at work (for example, by failing to provide you with a quiet place to retreat to when you needed some time away from your desk);
  • Suffered unwanted conduct which creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for you because of your mental ill-health;
  • Been treated less favourably by your employer because you complained about its treatment of you and your illness; or
  • You have been dismissed because of reasons relating to your mental ill-health (for example failing to meet targets because you cannot perform to the best of your ability).

We can work through your situation with you and explain to you what your rights are, whether your employer was in breach and the strengths and weaknesses of any potential claim.  We can assist you in achieving your desired outcome, be it assisting you to remain in the workplace, negotiating you an exit package or bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

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