Claire Hodson

Claire Hodson has worked with Daryl and Laurence for more years than she, and possibly they, care to remember!  She is a highly skilled and experienced legal PA.


Claire Hodson

Office Manager / Legal PA

Claire joined us after spending some 23 years with White & Bowker Solicitors, followed by two years at Warner Goodman LLP.  Claire is well renowned for her organisational skills and ensuring everything runs smoothly (including the solicitors).  In short, Claire runs the office.  She is proud to have been involved in the evolution of DC Employment Solicitors.

DC Employment Solicitors is like the original family friendly firm where everyone helps one another, no matter what their seniority.  It isn’t the usual stuffy solicitors office; it’s very relaxed but in a professional way.  We like the friendly first name terms with our clients and contacts which we hope is one reason they return to us year on year.  If you visit the office you will more than likely find Claire with no shoes on – she says it’s doesn’t feel right wearing shoes indoors (like being at home)!

If asked to describe Claire we think friends and family would probably say something to the effect of: “She’s organised beyond belief, willing to listen and help in any way, reliable and always last to leave a party!”  Her children would say that “she’s strict but fair (as would the staff at DCES!) but easily parted with her credit card!”

Outside of work Claire has a love of exotic holidays, which only needs a hotel on the beach, sun and maybe some alcohol (and, of course, her family!).  So, roll on the next holiday!