Whether you are a maintained school, an academy or an independent school, and whatever your pupil age range, DC Employment Solicitors can provide you with tailored advice for your staff issues, covering all aspects of employment law and HR practice and procedure.

Our unique blend of experience amongst our partners, consultants and staff enables us to provide employment law and HR solutions for each school according to their individual requirements, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

We produce a regular education blog to keep you up-to-date with important and interesting developments in the sector.


Education Retainer

We are able to offer schools either a fixed price Education Retainer, covering both employment law and HR support, or to offer advice in either area on a ‘stand-alone’ basis where the work is undertaken at either a fixed cost or at an agreed hourly rate. 

We are able to offer insurance cover against the cost of defending employment claims and any compensation that may be awarded following such claims.

‘Stand-Alone’ Advice

Stand Alone Advice Where possible, we will agree a fixed price for advising upon a particular scenario or undertaking a defined project or piece of work.

Where it is not possible to define the extent of the work in advance, we will undertake the work at an agreed hourly rate.


Our fees are entirely transparent and our service can be tailored for your school, to best suit its budget and requirements.

What our clients say

“The school was presented with a financial issue that required a total restructure of our support staff as a result of a reduced government funding. This was a complex situation with many differing contracts that had developed over a period of twenty five years. The school required advice and guidance to ensure that the restructure process was fair to all participants, and allowed the school to work within the funding available.

Our business manager, Kris Lelittka worked with Janet Bell of Rare Partnership and Laurence Dunn of DC Education Solicitors to guide the governing body through the process, and manage the consultation process between trade unions and the employees themselves.

The final result, achieved between May and July 2015, was a restructure where everyone believed their needs had been met, the Trade Union regional representative was complimentary about the consultation process, and the school was able to move forward in the new academic year with a complete and happy staff team, many with new job descriptions and conditions of service.

The process was carried out with consideration and tact.

I would recommend both firms to any school and Governing Body looking to resolve employment issues.”

Anne Hendon-John, Headteacher, The Polygon School

Members of our Education Team

Our Education Team’s partners, consultants and staff are able to offer a unique combination of public, private, not-for-profit and education sector experience to the education sector, covering all aspects of employment law and HR practice and procedure.  This enables us to provide solutions for each school according to their individual requirements, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

We are proud of client feedback that confirms we understand their needs and deliver solutions that achieve desired outcomes.  Our team is:

Laurence Dunn – Partner;

Daryl Cowan – Partner;

Darren Tibble – Partner;

Kirsty Alleyne – Senior Solicitor;

Amy Shaw – Solicitor; and

Janet Bell – Human Resources Consultant (and workplace mediation).