Mock Employment Tribunal Experience

Attending an Employment Tribunal can be a hugely daunting experience, especially when you’re attending as a witness or accused of wrongdoing. In our experience, we have found that having to prepare yourself to be cross-examined on a statement you may have prepared months ago regarding events that may have now happened a couple of years ago can be very difficult. In light of this, DC Employment Solicitors are delighted to announce that we are now offering Mock Employment Tribunal experiences for managers and/or HR employees at your organisation.

This experience will provide you with the opportunity to understand what it’s like to be involved in a Tribunal hearing and how it can be managed. It will be based around a fictional scenario dealing with the types of claims that we see being lodged regularly against employers.

The experience will provide your staff with the opportunity to:

  • understand the Employment Tribunal process;
  • understand the role of an Employment Judge;
  • observe a witness give evidence;
  • understand the difference between evidence-in-chief, cross examination and re-examination;
  • understand the purpose of closing submissions;
  • observe the Judge providing a verdict; and,
  • most importantly, ask questions.

We will also explore common pitfalls of managers/employers which could subsequently lead to an employee lodging a claim with the Tribunal which we hope will prevent your organisation from ever having to face Employment Tribunal proceedings in any event!

This experience is suitable for up to 40 people and will last approximately 3 hours.

If you’re interested in holding a Mock Employment Tribunal at your organisation, please contact and a member of our team will be in touch with further details as soon as possible.

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