Implementing a Mental Health at Work Policy

Implementing a Mental Health at Work Policy

With Mental Health Awareness Week having just come to an end, the widespread issue of mental ill-health remains ever topical, but what is your business doing to assist employees who suffer with mental ill-health?

Take this opportunity to implement our bespoke Mental Health at Work Policy. Our policy contains measures to prevent your employees from suffering mental ill-health, to de-stigmatise this sensitive issue within the workplace, to educate your staff about the early recognition of mental ill-health and to provide appropriate support for those suffering with mental ill-health.

We have taken a four-step approach to the workplace issues:

  • Prevention of mental ill-health
  • De-stigmatisation of mental ill-health
  • Early recognition of mental ill-health
  • Providing appropriate support to those suffering from mental ill-health

To achieve these steps, we have put together a team of professionals who can act to limit the development of mental ill-health and its costs to the business. Visit our Mental Ill-Health page for further information or take a look at our video here.

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