Laurence Dunn speaks at the Mental Wellbeing Breakfast

Laurence Dunn speaks at the Mental Wellbeing Breakfast

DC Solicitors’ very own Laurence Dunn, was delighted to be asked to speak at the recent ‘How to Keep a Healthy Workforce’ Breakfast hosted by Portsmouth City Council. DC Solicitors have been working very closely alongside Portsmouth City Council to promote the management and improvement of mental wellbeing in the workplace, in support of the Workplace Wellbeing Charter’s National Award for England.

Laurence’s talk exposed the lack of awareness amongst the region’s businesses about the prevalence and cost of mental ill-health in their workforce, especially in relation to the loss of productivity caused by ‘presenteeism’. The presentation included a wealth of information and guidance for employers to implement within their own workplaces and help shape future strategies designed to reduce current levels of mental ill-health and curb its negative effects on businesses.

Laurence was joined by psychotherapist, Andrew Harpham-Salter, and executive coach, Naomi Rawlings, to deliver an insightful presentation that incorporated innovative and practical approaches to managing mental wellbeing in the workplace, as well as answering questions such as, what is the cost of mental ill-health to businesses, how to prevent ill-health in the workplace and what is ‘presenteeism’ and why is it a problem?

Laurence Dunn commented on the talks, saying: “The event was well attended and the feedback that we received has been fantastic. Our aim is to work with the Workplace Well-being Charter to improve the health of workforces in general. We hoped to show the importance for businesses to invest time and resources in improving the mental health of their staff and I feel that the information was well received.”

If you’d like further information on this topic for you or your business, please feel free to contact Laurence on 023 8001 1234 or email


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